Introducing the Redux+TypeScript template for Create-React-App

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There is something new in React, particularly with Create-React-App. Now, we can set up a brand new React app with Typescript and Redux by running one command:

npx create-react-app my-app --template redux-typescript

It will generate all the React-Redux, and TypeScript dependencies and setups needed.

Better, a ready-to-use Redux store is also created and configured for us.

  • Folder structure
├── node_modules
├── public
├── app
|  └── store.ts
├── App.css
├── App.test.tsx
├── App.tsx
├── features
|  └── counter
|     ├── Counter.module.css
|     ├── Counter.tsx
|     └── counterSlice.ts
├── index.css
├── index.tsx
├── logo.svg
├── output.txt
├── react-app-env.d.ts
├── serviceWorker.ts
└── setupTests.ts

Learn more about it.


Create-React-App docs on project setup